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N Women's Casual Boot L1070518 (Grey)

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N Women's Casual Boot L1070518 (Grey)

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N Women's Casual Boot L1070518 (Grey)

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Use Instructions:

  • - Shoes must be used in accordance to the condition which they are produced for. Using them in a different situation may cause the shoes to wear out and deform prematurely.
  • - New shoes may hurt your feet until they get softer over time. Therefore, it is useful to wear the shoes at home first before actual use.
  • - Please untie the laces before wearing.
  • - Perspiration may accumulate after wearing the shoes for an extended period of time. Therefore, shoes must be worn and ventilated on alternative days if possible.
  • - Wearing shoes on bare foot may cause odor. To avoid this, please use sports shoes with cotton socks.
  • - An extra coating process in not applied to the leather products in order to keep the natural look of the material Color of the leather may bleed and stain socks during initial use. This is considered normal and will cease over time.
  • - Shoes without ‘waterproof’ tag of print may absorb water.
  • - Sweat of rain water may cause salt marks on the shoe. It is not possible to avoid such a situation that occurs after production.
  • - It is not advisable to wear shoes with Suede or Nubuck uppers, and styles with hand sewn uppers, and styles with hand sewn uppers on rainy days.
  • - Hitting objects with shoes, abrasion due to incorrect usage and similar reasons are not considered production faults.
  • - Wrinkles or stretching may occur after wearing the shoes for some time.

Care Instructions:

  • - Leather and synthetic upper shoes must be cleaned with a moist cloth or sponge.
  • - It is suggested to clean Suede and Nubuck shoes by leather brushes and suede cleaners.
  • - Please dry wet shoes in room temperature and do not expose them to direct sunlight or a heat source.
  • - Shoes are not hand or machine washable unless specified otherwise.