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Power-Fit Manual Treadmill XYS017-HD

Quick Overview

  • Speed Range: based on user’s ability

  • Running Surface: 160*48cm

  • Max User Weight: 180kgs

  • Drive way: Action of gravity

  • Sport Mode: 1-8 grade, 3 sports mode with magnetic resistance adjustment

  • Running belt with crawler-type aluminum alloy skeleton

  • Made in China

  • Warranty: 1 Year


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The Curved Treadmill is the new type of running machine that requires no electricity. The curved running surface places a greater demand on the user compared to a traditional motorized treadmill. The self-powered treadmill allows you to run with a natural style on the balls of your feet.  This pushes your body forward creating the momentum to turn the treadmill belt. This style of running uses more muscle groups in the body at the same time when compared to the traditional heel strike used by many runners.

As well as having many types of applications, a curved treadmill has many health and performance benefits.

Benefits of the curved design:

  • Allows you to change speed instantly without having to push any buttons, making it perfect for high intensity interval training (HIIT).
  • There is no speed limit, making it perfect for all out sprints.
  • Easy set up – just get on and start running!
  • Burns up to 30% more calories than a traditional treadmill because the user does the work to drive the belt instead of a motor.
  • Feels more like real running because the glutes and hamstrings propel the belt backward much like they propel the body forward with real running.
  • Can improve running technique through its curved surface which encourages the user to lift their knees as they run and strike with the ball or midfoot rather than the heel of the foot.
  • Uses no electricity, so it’s green, costs nothing to operate, and can be placed just about anywhere.

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